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Multi-function Portable Electric Air Pump
Multi-function Portable Electric Air Pump
Multi-function Portable Electric Air Pump
Multi-function Portable Electric Air Pump

Multi-function Portable Electric Air Pump

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    Product Details

    Wide Range Of Uses

    Equipped with 3 nozzles adaptors for car tires, motorcycle tires, bike tires, air mattresses, airboat, toys, sports balls, and other inflatables.

    Fast Inflating

    With a stronger motor and larger cylinder, it can inflate a flat tire in approximately 2 minutes or less.

    Portable & Handy

    With super compact design and size of one hand, easily put it in the trunk and only requires little space!

    3m Long Power Cord

    With 3m long power cord, this air pump allows reaching all tires of your car, bike, motorcycle, compact or midsize SUV


    Inflatable use method

    1. Insert one end of the power cord into the air pump jack and insert the other end into the car cigarette lighter socket.
    2. Twist the top end Of the trachea on the tire valve: When you hear the tire has a deflated sound, it means it has been turned on. Please tighten the nozzle immediately to seal the intake pipe.
    3. Start the air pump switch. At this time, the value Of the meter will increase with the saturation Of the tire pressure.
    When the value reaches the appropriate air pressure (the average tire pressure is 2.5KG/CM2), the start switch will be cut off, and the plug and gas will be removed. Mouth, that is, complete the inflation work.

     Use the tire pressure measurement method

    1. Directly align the pressure measuring head with the valve and press hard. The pressure gauge shows the air pressure Of your car tire.

     Lighting, SOS distress signal use 

    1. Connect the air pump to the car cigarette lighter socket.
    2. Press the light switch when lighting, the LED light will light up, press the light switch again, SOS asks for the signal light to turn on.

    How to use the hammer
    1. The head of the air pump is equipped with a safety hammer device;
    2. Remove the helmet and hit the car glass directly to ensure your safety in an emergency.


    1. This machine can not be used for tire inflation of large and overweight vehicles, such as trucks and large trucks.
    2. When using, the car should be launched to enhance the power and not to lose the car battery power.
    3. This machine is limited to DC (DC12V.12-24A) power supply. It is not allowed to use 220V household electricity.
    For household use, it must be transformer-transformed to DC 12V. Every 10 minutes when the tire is inflated, it is best to take a break and let the body cool down before use to extend the life of the motor.
    4.the general car tires inflated, about 2.5-7G / CM2 normal tire pressure in about 2-3 minutes, the tires will be longer when the time is large. If the instrument pointer rises rapidly when it starts to inflate (about 490KPA in about two or three seconds), it means that the air is blocked and the air does not enter the tire. At this time, the power switch must be turned off, the air nozzle must be unplugged, and the instrument and motor will be re-operated. got damage.
    5.when using, people should not leave the body, pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, not inflatable and s saturated.


    • Item Type: Pumps
    • Model Name: LTT0009
    • Item Length: 11.8 cm
    • Item Height: 13 cm
    • Item Weight: 0.6 kg
    • Material Type: ABS
    • Voltage: 12V
    • power: 80W
    • Scope of application: Vehicle supplies
    • Color classification: Black, green.
    • Cylinder specification: 9
    • Electric current: 7A
    • Power cord length: 3M
    • Type of power supply: Connection point cigarette
    • size: 11.8*13*4
    • voltage: 12V
    • Shape Size: portable