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Neon Colorful Gel Pen

Neon Colorful Gel Pen

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Express your artistic spirit with These Unique Gel Pens. 

Experience color almost beyond the rainbow with these Vibrant Gel Pens!
Each pack contains individually unique colored pens of metallic, glitter, matte, and classic. 

Available in packs of 12, 24, & 48! No Duplicate Colors!

• 12 Pack - 12pcs Glitter Gel Pens

• 24 Pack - 12pcs Glitter Gel Pens + 12pcs Fluorescent

• 48 Pack - 12pcs Glitter Gel Pens + 12pcs Fluorescent + + 12 Pastel + 12 Metallic

Bright, acid-free, water-based ink won't bleed through paper and its smooth, free-flowing tip resist scratching or clogged ink. 0.8mm - 1.0mm tip Glitter pens are just like gel markers would produce fine lines and make your journal vivid & shine. 

NEW formula is now using 100% Biodegradable ink
Not available in stores.

Express Yourself in Color.
 These gel pens draw super smooth lines that are long-lasting and smudge resistant. Give your writing a brilliant twist with glitter, metallic, or neon ink finishes. Keep ideas flowing in style!
Loved by teachers and students of all ages.